Specializing in Spanish Translation

Professional Spanish Document Translation Services

Specializing in Spanish Translation for School Districts, Educational Agencies and Behavioral Health Organizations

Billings Bilingual LLC is a translation company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company is co-owned by Evelyn and Dan Billings, who have 35 years combined working in the translation industry. Billings Bilingual specializes in document translation services from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in the fields of special education, regular education and behavioral health.

At Billings Bilingual you can expect Spanish translations of the highest quality at affordable rates. In comparison to larger translation agencies, Billings Bilingual can pass along the savings associated with being a small business with minimal overhead costs. And since Dan and Evelyn field every request personally, you will always interact with one of them as the lead for your project!

What Makes Us Different?

We go the extra mile to provide consistency and quality in our translations. We have created many templates over the years which we use whenever possible to pass along savings to our clients. Clients will also have the peace of mind of knowing that we carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) Liability Insurance for our translations.

Description of Services

Spanish Document Translation

  • Areas of Expertise
    • Special and Regular Education
    • Behavioral Health
  • Accurate and culturally appropriate translations at highly competitive rates
  • Professional liability coverage

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